Manchester United vs Liverpool Showdown this weeke...

Reds vs Reds

Whoa boy.. One heck of a showdown in this week’s Barclays Premier League Football – Manchester United vs Liverpool. The game will be aired on ESPN (Astro Channel 812) at Sunday, October 25 2009. The game is played in Liverpool’s home ground – the Anfield.

I’m sure most mamak stalls around the nation will be packed with red jerseys (of both teams) for the game. I think I might be out to watch this game with my pals, and it will be one heck of a boys night out.

Here are some facts around this showdown:

Manchester United won vs Bolton 2-1, and drew against Sunderland 2-2 in last 2 Premiership games.
Liverpool is on a 2 game losing streak, losing out to Chelsea 0-2, and lost to 0-1 to Sunderland.

Liverpool won both games in their encounter with Manchester United last season, winning 2-1 at Anfield (September 13 2008), and scored big in a 4-1 win in Old Trafford (14 March 2009).

With the current form, I think Manchester United will prevail this time added to the fact that I am a United fan) 😀

Who do you think will win?