Affiliate Marketing – Where to start?

I received a few emails after posting about affiliate marketing being my primary source of income. A lot of the emails asked how they can take a dive into affiliate marketing, and is it worth it.

Let me answer the second question first – yes, it was worth it. I started affiliate marketing back in 2006, and while it was turbulent and challenging, it is rewarding me now with a stable income.

As for the first question, I found this post by a Super Affiliate Marketer Jonathan Volk. Check out the PPC Affiliate Marketing 101 in Jonathan’s blog. It lays down the ground work step by step for you to get started in affiliate marketing.

Bear in mind that just like any other business, there is money involved and time to be put in for affiliate marketing. It’s not just throwing $100 into the biz and expect for it to return back to you tenfold.

Good Luck!