Fatcow Web Hosting – Humor helps you sell

Moo!… a pretty catchy, fun going way of branding a web hosting service.

To be real honest, I was so attracted to Fatcow’s  brand name that I decided to host this blog with them. To me, the layout of their site is “relaxing” to the eye, and it was a “fun” brand to buy from. Below is their landing page.While I do not have the exact numbers, I bet they are doing well selling their web hosting packages.

Other than that, Fatcow offers Unlimited Storage & Bandwidth, definitely helpful to store my files and handle millions of visitors (will get there someday).

So that’s a lesson to be learned – when marketing products, you don’t have to be serious or formal all the time. Sometimes a tinge of humor will go a long way in helping you bring in the sales (and of course, a “Beefy” discount will also help… lol).

So if you’re interested to join the herd, checkout Fatcow’s 50% discount offer. They’re even giving away a Smart ForTwo car, so don’t miss out.