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Even a Disabled Person can drive a Toyota Estima!

Snapped this pic over at Tesco Cheras a few weeks back.

There are 2 possibilities here:

1. Malaysia is a very prosperous country. So prosperous that even a disabled/handicapped guy can afford an RM200,000 Toyota Estima.

2. Damn-bugger-with-no-civic-consciousness parked in a parking space reserved for a disabled customer.

If it was case number #1, I should be kicked in the butt for being such a loser.. I drive Proton only!

In any case, if the parking is reserved for the Disabled customers or for customers with young infants, don’t park there. Be a kind hearted guy or gal!

Happy New Year Malaysia!! What’s your Plan for 2010?

A Creative Modern Day Love Letter

Found this love letter across the net. Pretty catchy and worthy of a marketing campaign 😛

Dear Lemon,

Some people said that lemon is sour and Berry is sweet and it can’t be combined.
But with Ribena, anything is possible.
The taste is tasty. People like it. Don’t you think so? Why do people say we are perfect match?
It’s just like you and I, I am just like the berry and you are the lemon. Because of that, we should be together so that we can be more tasty. That’s why we are a perfect match. Just like Ribena. I always think that we are made for each other.
Sorry for what I did it to you. I hope you can try mix it (berry and lemon) and hopefully it will become sweet .
Please give me another chance. I promise I will give you happiness and I won’t hurt you anymore. I’ll make you happy. Trust me. Please give me another chance. I love you.


Sweet eh (and funny in a way)? As a reference, here is the original Ribena Lemon commercial aired on Malaysian TV:

Do hope the letter does its job 😉

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