Best Product Sourcing for eBay Sellers

Selling on eBay can be very profitable. With it’s wordwide exposure and millions of members, eBay opens up an opportunity for us to find buyers for the items we offer.


While we can start selling unused things around the house to start profiting, at one point we willrun out of stuff to sell.

So here are the favorite sites that I would refer to for my product sourcing to sell on eBay:

Website: is one of the top portal, if not the top, to find wholesalers from around the globe. With thousands of suppliers offering many products, it is one of the eBay Powersellers’ best kept secrets. Suppliers on Alibaba usually requires an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), so be sure to ask the suppliers before ordering.

You can sign up for a free buyer account, and with the free account, you can chat/contact the suppliers to negotiate pricing, MOQ, shipping terms etc.


DHGate LogoDHGate is a trending wholesale marketplace site. Most of the sellers on DHGate are Factory suppliers, so you will be getting prices that are close to what the big time retailers are getting.

Some of the suppliers do require an MOQ, so be sure to ask before ordering.

One of the great features of DHGate that I like is their escrow service. Basically when you order and pay to DHGate (they accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa & Discover), DHGate will hold the payment and instruct the supplier to send your item first. Once you receive the order and are satisfied with the order, only then will DHGate pays to the supplier.

This neat feature definitely helps me out as I’ve been scammed by suppliers before.

While I do recommend these 2 sites to source your products to sell on eBay, please do be vigilant when transacting.

There are always scammers lurking around the corner, so please be careful when placing orders. Use common sense to avoid being scammed.

Remember, if it is too good to be true, it usually is!

So get started! If you’re looking for a good place for product sourcing, go to these sites and you’ll be amazed at how many products there just waiting to be sold by you. Good Luck!