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About MrCuz

Cuz Hussaini is the name
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is my domain.
Full time home based netpreneur since 2002, my primary area of expertise is eBay and Affiliate Marketing.

eBay was my main business when I first started (even before eBay bought Paypal), but changes in their policies (and Paypal’s) has resulted in many heartaches & sleepless nights.

They say it’s always a blessing in disguise, and in my case, I found affiliate marketing as a backup to my ‘dwindling’ eBay earnings in 2005.

At current, I am earning a nice income from affiliate marketing (nothing super here, enough for a dash of luxury), with a sprinkle of eBay pocket money on the side.

More about me:

  1. Married with one handsome 1 1/2 year old boy.
  2. An avid sports fan American Football, Basketball & Soccer.
  3. I do play competitive in Basketball and Flag Football (softer version of American Football)
  4. Eagles, Sooners, 76ers, Manchester United & Barcelona fan.
  5. Slightly overweight 😛

That’s all I can think of for now. Well.. pleased to meet everyone of you and Thank You for visiting my blog!