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Maybank Visa Debit Card can now be used for Paypal Withdrawal

Maybank Visa Debit Card

Maybank Visa Debit Card

Say what? Seriously??

Let me type that again for you – Maybank Debit Card (also known as the Maybankard), can now be used to Withdraw Funds from your Paypal account!

Now I won’t be bold enough to say this (or type this) without proof, so check the proof below (snapshot of my Maybank account) :



Convinced? Want to give it a try? Let’s Go! Here’s how you can set your Maybank debit card to be able to receive Paypal withdrawals:

Step 1

Snapshot- MSOS link

Snapshot- MSOS link

Login to your Maybank2u Online account, and look for the “Maybankard Secure Online Shopping Registration” link (MSOS Registration).

Snapshot-MSOS fields

Snapshot-MSOS fields

Step 2
Complete the enrollment process by filling up the fields. Make sure that:
1. Password is 6-8 characters, must contain at least 1 number. Example of an accepted Password:  abcde1

2. Personal Assurance Message (PAM) does not contain any special character (dots, fullstop, comma etc etc). PAM is visible when you are about to complete payments/purchases online.

Step 3
You will land on the Maybank confirmation screen, letting you know that your Maybank Visa Debit card is ready to be used online.

Once you have activated Maybank Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) registration, you can add your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal account. Please ensure that you have around RM20-RM30 in your Maybank account before you add your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal account.

I’ll explain in my next post as to how to add your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal account, verify your Paypal account, and further use it for withdrawal and make online purchases.

UPDATE : Instructions on how you can add your Maybank Visa Debit Card to your Paypal account in my New Post

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  • Puteraz

    extreme good news for malaysians, who has long been suffering to find a solution to cash out paypal money

  • Produk Wanita

    i already add my maybankcard to paypal. Now accepting RM using Paypal at my site

  • Glad you're able to add Maybankard to your Paypal account 😉 Btw Great site! All the best!

  • Ikuramu

    hi there….can we add money to the paypal using this method…need help because want to transfer money to the paypal account

  • Hello @Ikuramu! While Paypal allows Paypal -> bank account transfers, they do not allow bank account -> Paypal transfers.
    Hope this helps!

  • Matt

    hi, thanks for the good information Mr. Cuz… or alternate link

    been trying to get my PAYPAL to work…

  • Thanks Matt! If only I can shake off my laziness to write again..
    Btw You've got a nice site too.. 😉